Lady thinking about Cosmetic Surgery Lady thinking about Cosmetic Surgery Lady thinking about Cosmetic Surgery Lady thinking about Cosmetic Surgery Lady thinking about Cosmetic Surgery

Thinking about Cosmetic Surgery?

It is essential for anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery to be fully assessed and counselled about the suitability, risks and potential outcomes of their chosen surgical procedure. 

Although there is a wealth of information available to people interested in cosmetic surgery, it is important that individual physical characteristics and desires are taken into account before deciding upon the best course of treatment. Unlike many other clinics you will only have consultations with me, be operated on by me and followed up by me. I will be there for you from start to finish.

The General Medical Council have produced a guide for patients thinking about undergoing cometic surgery.

Certification from ICSOC

Let’s talk about it first

Patients often look to the internet to gain useful information, but sometimes this can be inaccurate or inappropriate for a specific situation. Getting general information from the internet is sometimes beneficial, but before considering any surgery it is essential to get specific tailored advice for the best possible result.

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The Consultation 

During the consultation I will try to define your particular concerns, examine you and then decide, with you, the best approach to improve your appearance. I will go through the potential benefits, risks and complications of the proposed procedure as well as any potential alternatives. After the consultation you should spend some time going over all that has been discussed with particular reference to recovery times and time needed off work.

I aim to provide a thorough, rational and balanced assessment of anyone’s goals in regards to cosmetic enhancement. After the consultation, I will usually summarise our consultation in the form of a letter and provide costs of any agreed procedures. Please feel free to contact me at any time after we meet if you wish to gain further information or need clarification on certain aspects of our discussion.

Planning your plastic surgery

When to have surgery is sometimes as important as choosing the right cosmetic procedure. If you have a particular date in mind for surgery, it is essential that you arrange a consultation as early as possible to give you enough time to plan appropriately.

On occasions, someone may want to have more than one procedure performed at the same time. I am more than happy to do this if appropriate and I will advise on the suitability of combining procedures at the consultation.

There is a fee for the first consultation; all follow up consultations are included with the price of the procedure. 

Quality hospitals

The McIndoe Centre and Spire Gatwick Park Hospital are high quality hospitals that provide excellent care, support and facilities to enable patients to get the best from their surgery. They have specialist staff with experience in cosmetic surgery and provide excellent support during and after any procedures.

After your consultation

After seeing me in clinic, you will receive a letter summarising all that has been discussed. If any surgery or treatment has been discussed then the costs will be included. Any decisions regarding a procedure should be taken with all the facts and if you need any more information or want to discuss things further then please contact my team. 

I generally recommend we have a further discussion to confirm all that we have discussed and go into further detail about the procedure. Once you are clear about what you want to do simply liaise with my secretarial team, Kelly and Debbie, to make arrangements. They will help you with any plans and paperwork that is required. 


I cover all areas of cosmetic surgery including the face, breasts and abdomen, reconstructive surgery and skin cancer. Some of the common procedures I perform include:

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