Post Operative Care following your Nose Reshaping

After your surgery, you will have to make sure you follow some simple instructions so that you recover well and get the best possible result.
Mr Dheansa will go over many of these but if you are not sure about anything then please ask.

You will usually have a splint over your nose and a bolster (a gauze pad) taped below your nose. The splint needs to remain intact until your appointment the week after surgery. You should not let the splint get wet. However if you are careful you should be able to wash your hair. Often it is easier to cleanse the face rather than wash it.

The bolster under your nose needs to be changed if it becomes quite wet with any ooze from the nose. The ooze usually stops after a day or two and once this happens you don't need to have the bolster any more.

Try not to breathe through your nose – it will be very difficult to do so soon after surgery and may not help recovery. Do not try to blow your nose. Do not try and pick at any clots or blockages in the nose as you may damage the healing wounds.

Take your painkillers regularly. It is important that you are as comfortable as possible. Sleeping upright will help reduce swelling and help reduce pain. Ideally sleep upright for 2 weeks at least.

You should take it easy for the first 2 weeks after surgery. You should keep mobile and walking and light activity should be acceptable straight away.

Mr Dheansa advises NO DRIVING, NO GYM, NO HEAVY LIFTING. Housework should be avoided too – especially anything that you have to bend down for as this will cause more swelling. After 2 weeks you can gently start doing a little more so that you are doing normal day to day activity by 4 weeks. As a general rule, if you notice increased swelling after doing something then reduce that activity. You shouldn't do any vigorous sporting activity for up to 6 weeks. If in doubt ask Mr Dheansa.

The stitches under the nose are removed after a week. The scar does not need any special treatment except for simple massage and moisturising. It will go through several changes over the first 3-6 months.

After one week you can gently massage your nose (except for the wound/dressing) using simple moisturising cream (for example E45, but you can use anything). Use gentle movements from the middle to the sides starting from below and working upward to get your nose used to being touched and to help with any swelling.

After 2-3 weeks you can be a little firmer. The scar under the nose should also be massaged.

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